“What doesn’t kill you,** will only make you stronger and besides, will give you abundant teaching fodder!”

Dr Taveau Creative Leadership, Pauline Apostolic Noble Berean

**In the HER’S own case: Critical Levitical Overseer Sin Spying, USA prophetic Old Testament Levitical Patriarchism, Dominating Accuser Matriarchism (their term SHEPHERDING)… Several USA gossips, attack Berate without ANY Respecting RELATIONSHIP and 5-6 Alexander the Coppersmiths, none of whom will be called by name, as Apostle Paul once did, simply because this She non novice writer, is NOT so presumpetive as to overestimate herself to ever be compared to him.


Above picture: The Far Off (no relationship!) Perceiver Hairy Eyeball of Accusative Governmental “Their Form of” Spiritual Legalistic Authority..all to whom I respectfully prophetically submit all theology based upon Jesus Christ Hero Ministry, Personal, Family Role Model DURING HIS TIME PERIOD ON THE EARTH…(in Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) which I know call: (SERVANT) APOSTOLIC ABIDING RELATIONSHIP THEOLOGY

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