NOTE: this was first posted Aug 17, 2017
FLYING HIGH (Emotionally dis-JOINT-ed)

(C)2017 Taveau Creative Leadership all copyrights reserve


1.I’d spend my life
In a cloud of smoke
I’d wake up every morning
Just to light another toke.


2.Then I’d spend my time
( Every living day)
Emotionally insulating..
But in a non nutritious (illegal) way!


3.Every day was so long
And every night was too..
Then one day it occurred to me:
That I was feeling pretty blue.


4. So I wanted to rant
And I wanted to rave
But my heavy addiction
Made me just fade away.



(BUT…No matter how many I’m lighting….

The thought still gets me frightened,

I don’t want to hear God say)


6.”I gave you a Free Gift: my Son’s priceless blood

To overcome every type of power

And to heal every wound…


7.But you fought me ….

And you resisted

And you did it all YOUR OWN WAY..


8. So, what have you gotten for it??….

You smoked it all away…

You spent your ONE and ONLY Life

In a self protective haze…


While Jesus was there waiting for you

Every single day.

Yet you purposefully ignored Him…

And you chose your own way…

And spent the whole life I gave you….

Up in SMOKE!”


(C)2017 Taveau Creative Leadership All copyrights reserved